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Hey you! Thanks for reading my blog. Here I will write about my journey to success as an
artist. I will let you in on the process I go through to launch an artist as myself and hopefully
you can get to know me better but also learn something about the music business.

I wish some people prepared me for the things I got myself into. But the thing with music is
that you often learn along the way. You’re going to make mistakes or run into things that
could be handled differently. That’s inevitable. I learned by just doing things and better
myself and evaluate the way I handled things.

I have a master degree in civil law so I know basic contract law and I know my way around
the difficult language often written in contracts. I’ve learned all there is to know about
Intellectual Property Rights during my college Master year. But to know it in theory and to
see how it actually works in reality are two different things. Specially in the Music Business.
That’s why I did a short course of Music Business at SAE and learn all there is to know about
record labels, releasing digital songs, publishing, record deals , marketing etc. and more
importantly the roles of everybody involved when it comes down to working with an artist.

You don’t have to know everything as an artist, cause that’s nearly impossible but you do
need a good working team of lawyers, accountants, (business) managers, booking agencies
and publicists to keep everything going. The more important thing is that you know the role
of each and every one of these people and what kind of value they add to your business.
That way you’re always in the loop as artist. You don’t want to end up having bad deals and
not knowing what happens with your money.

I learned that a good artist knows the business and puts trustworthy people in the right
place so you can focus on the creative part. Which is the best part! (for me anyway). The rest
is just uggh. But to continue being creative and write new songs and come up with new
ideas your business and house needs to be in order. And I will let you in about the things I
experienced and the lessons I have learned along the way. There is still so much to learn but
I’m happy where I am today. At the end of the day it’s about doing what you love and to be
able to make a living out of that. So bear with me as I take you on this journey.

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Kimberley Mungra