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I know cliché right? But it’s the truth. To give people a good impression of who I am as an
artist I wanted to make a promo video. To make that promo I really needed a team. I needed
someone to do hair, makeup, styling and of course someone who would film everything.
Thank God I found just the right people to do this.

For styling and the design of my outfits I turned to the amazing Stephanie Flijter. She’s this
young fresh designer who is in the up and coming and believe it or not but everything she
wears, I want to wear. That’s how much I love her style. She totally thinks out of the box but
still considers my insecurities and works well with my body type. She thinks of everything
and it took a while for us to come up with the right look, but in the end it was even more then we both could’ve imagined. I really love her for making my vision in to a reality.

Ofcourse every look needs a different hairstyle. And I couldn’t be more happier with the
hairstyles Daisha created for me. She is so skilled and makes the best wigs. It all looked so
real and the colors were to die for. The thing I love the most about her is her positive
attitude and work ethic. She gets the job done and she gets it done fast! And that’s what you
need when you’re doing 4 different looks with two sets of wigs. I could definitely not pull
that off on my own. As she always says: ”If your Hair ain’t layed, it ain’t done by Dai”.

The tricky part was my make-up.. My manager contacted MUA Gilke Smits and even though I
saw some great work of her you just never know how it will look on you. So this was a big
challenge for me. Luckily she was so nice but more important she’s so good! Every look was
different but complimented everything else. She really made me feel pretty and confident.
And I know I need that in my life cause when my make-up is on point I perform better. When I look good I feel good, that’s just the truth. And it all results in a great performance.

My performance was well captured by the guys off Buttered Bread Productions. These guys
really are my homies and are very patient with me. They know what they want to shoot andgave me a great piece of artwork. Cause that’s how I see it. I mean, to get all these differentshots and put it together in to something that actually makes sense. Wow. Couldn’t be more

When you are working on a project you need someone to take care of you. Help you with
errands, making sure everybody eats in time, even helps you pee when you can’t go to the
bathroom by yourself because your nails will get caught in your outfit otherwise (loll) and
just make sure that everything behind the scenes goes as smooth as possible. I would not
survive this day if it wasn’t for my girl Burnice Wielingen. She is more than just a PA she is
my best friend. She even knows how to work a camera cause she took all these awesome
behind the scene pictures of all my dope outfits and looks and captured this amazing fruitful

The thing is, you never know if everybody will work well together let alone have fun
together. Cause that keeps me motivated when you know everybody is working hard but is
still having fun at the same time. And I’m so glad we did this cause because of this day I no
longer have to search further. I found my team. Everybody stayed longer than they were
supposed to. Just to get the job done. And at the end of the day we all did what we love the
most and created this body of art together. I’m a solo artist but would never make it without
a team. And that’s why my manager and great friend Jurgen Reighman and I are so happy.
Cause it feels like we can conquer the world now. We’re ready to take over!


Kimberley Mungra